I wrote this song from a very vulnerable and real place. My friends and I put so much time and effort into making this, so we hope you enjoy!! A special thanks to everyone involved! Gabe Georges (recording/mixing), Allison Alonzo- (Video Director/Editor), Noah...

Ali Henderson

Ali is a singer/songwriter from Gaffney South Carolina and has already shared the stage with several industry stars such as YouTube phenomenon, Noah Guthrie. Ali was on season 13 of American Idol, where she advanced to Hollywood. Ali is the 2014 Vocal/Artist winner of "Nashville Connections Hero's Salute."


  • Happy Fall, Witches. 🖤☠️🎃🧛🏻‍♀️
  • Saturday night was electric. Thank you @henhousenash for having me, and for building a community where women are valued and celebrated. 🖤 (these incredible moments were captured by @allisonhammondcreative )
  • Playing a set @henhousenash tonight. Show starts at 7:30. Come out to support womxn in the industry!! Addy is 2807 22 Ave South 🌸💕💗🦄🌷💒. Also here’s me and my Lu this morning who hated every moment of having her picture taken.
  • We passed the test of the Seven Wonders!!!! 🖤💫🔮
  • If you have your life 100% figured out, then you totally don’t have to read this but, if you’ve been struggling *esp* with self love- this is 4 u!!!!! Practicing self love is something I’ve been adamant about for the past year. I found myself in a very dark and broken place and knew something had to change. So here are the steps I took- I hope this helps someone 🥰. Self love is not slapping on a face mask and taking a bubble bath. SURE- it is awesome that you are taking a moment to step away from chaos to just “be” for a moment,  but it’s so much more than a “treat yoself” mentality. Self love is removing the toxicity from your life, I.e. ending that relationship with that abusive significant other, ending friendships where someone makes you feel like shit about yourself. Self love is eating properly, taking care of your body, (not running on exclusively iced coffee all day). Self love is putting yourself first... choosing yourself. You have one body, take care of it. You have one brain, be kind to it. Go to therapy if you need to, go to the doctor and talk about taking meds if you need to. Whatever choice is best for YOU... make it. Idk... I’m not trying to preach at anyone, but hopefully it will be a wake up call for someone. Just a reminder that nobody on this earth is entitled to treat you like shit. Don’t give those people the power to control your emotions- because when things change inside of you... things change around you. Happy Thursday 💕🌸
  • “The world is violent and mercurial- it will have its way with you. We are saved only by love. Love that we pour into one another and the love that we pour into the ART that we are compelled to share: being a parent, being a writer, being a painter, being a friend. We live in a perpetually burning building, and what we must save from it, all the time, is love.” -#tennesseewilliams 🖤

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