Hey guys! I know it’s been a hot minute since I posted, so I just wanted to give an update on life, music, and most importantly… hair.

I recently cut my hair off… like ALOT. I am talking 7-8 inches! With the changing of seasons comes the changing of hair, and I must say… it ROCKS.

Okay, enough about hair.

I am writing every single day and hopefully getting into the studio soon. I have been writing about real life. Things that have happened to me, happened to my friends, my peers. For the past few months I have been wearing my “songwriter glasses” (as my songwriting professor calls it). I have been seeing the world through a different lens… and it is quite beautiful.

Oh yeah, I changed my major to Songwriting!!! If college, living in a city without family, and being broke, isn’t scary enough… I switched my major!

In this short period of life, I have learned that taking the biggest and scariest risks are the ones that turn out being the most beautiful. I am loving my new major, the new people I have met because of it, Nashville food, and everything the world has to offer me.

Oh and… I just got a new job!

By the way, I am posting some upcoming shows… you should check them out and see if I am playing anywhere near you!

Thanks for reading guys…. love you always.

Xx Ali