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Ali Henderson

Ali is a singer/songwriter from Gaffney South Carolina and has already shared the stage with several industry stars such as YouTube phenomenon, Noah Guthrie. Ali was on season 13 of American Idol, where she advanced to Hollywood. Ali is the 2014 Vocal/Artist winner of "Nashville Connections Hero's Salute."


  • I want you to like these pictures. I really do.  I took a great deal of time setting up my phone in the right spot to capture them, putting on the self timer, editing them. That’s what you see. An edited filtered, self timed, version of my life. What you didn’t see was me immediately go to my bathroom, wash off my makeup, throw my hair in a bun and put on my glasses- grab my cat and watch Netflix until I fell asleep. This morning I was picking through which photos I would post and I literally felt so dumb. I put so much effort and energy into PICTURES that were going on INSTAGRAM. Like what?!? I could’ve been doing like literally anything else. I’m gonna take a small hiatus from the gram... I’ll still pop on to post stories or a pic, but no scrolling. No comparing lives through a filtered lens anymore. In a world of algorithms and hashtags I feel I’ve lost some of the true importance in human connection. SO all that being said, if you need me or wanna check in, call me. Shoot me a text. I’m trying to be better about picking up the phone and calling my friends, sending letters, etc. and this is a step in the right direction I feel. *** I want you to like this picture. I really do... and thats the problem. So instead of a like, call me. Tell me about your day, tell me if you believe in aliens (@johnthedropout lmao). I’m tired of learning about my friends lives through instagram. Ok bye
  • Half n half 🍊💗
  • Breaking news on the 3rd pic
  • “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction... both are transformed”. -Carl Jung •
•PC: @telainef 💗
  • Mas cerveza por favor 🌵🌺🌙☠️ ps. @kayb_h said I look like a lemur in the last pic 🐒#wheresthefrickinlemuremoji
  • You steady me and stir me all at once. Happy birthday, mon amor. May your 20th year be filled with adventure, love, and self discovery. To many more celebrations with you 🌸☘️💕🌈🌹🌵 also thank you @telainef for always coming in clutch with the photography skills 💗

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