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Ali Henderson

Ali is a singer/songwriter from Gaffney South Carolina and has already shared the stage with several industry stars such as YouTube phenomenon, Noah Guthrie. Ali was on season 13 of American Idol, where she advanced to Hollywood. Ali is the 2014 Vocal/Artist winner of "Nashville Connections Hero's Salute."


  • I already posted about this on my story, but I’m so in love with this tattoo I had to talk about it again. @tattoosbykaylatran always does incredible work, but THIS takes the cake. Thanks Kayla, for doing such an amazing job on such an important piece to me. (If you are curious of the significance and didn’t catch it on my story-) two of my biggest musical influences are Lady Gaga and Queen. The girl is based on Lady Gaga’s look in the “Born This Way” music video, and “Radio Gaga” is written above because it is one of my favorite Queen songs- as well as how Gaga coined her name. So happy this art is now a part of my body.
  • My new single “Too Much” is available NOW on all streaming platforms! Dm me a screenshot that you downloaded or saved “Too Much” to a playlist, and I’ll put you in a drawing for free merch!!!! ❤️🌈💗☘️🌞🌸🔮 link in bio!
  • “Got you wrapped around my finger babe, you can count on me to misbehave.” #primadonnagirl
  • I speak very openly about mental health and I don’t think it should be a conversation we tip toe over. I’ve made posts on here before about having bad seasons and rough patches, but I think it’s just as important to celebrate the good days as well. For the past few weeks I have been undeniably happy, which caught me by surprise. My whole four years of college has been me dreading the day I have to move out of my campus housing, losing the safety of my Belmont bubble, shifting to the real world- but I have never felt so at peace. I have grown over the past year, and I think that is all due to routine self care. It looks different for everyone... journaling, breathing exercises, yoga, practicing mindfulness, praying, meditating etc... along with a little self pampering, (face masks, reading, having a glass of hot tea, doing your nails). I just really want to encourage you to invest in yourself. I promise you’ll see all the difference. We have one trip around the sun, we have one body, take care of it. Have a good day, and tell the people you love how awesome they are :) P.s. don’t judge my car, my whole life is in there... I’m moving. P.s.s .... I felt a little like @spaceykacey taking these photos during golden hour. P.s.s.s I have a new single coming out in 2 days 🌈💗💀🔮🌻🌞
• #mentalhealthawareness #killthestigma #mindfulness #journaling #art #belmontuniversity #goldenhour #goldenhourselfie
  • If you’re looking for something to do tonight- come to @bigmachinevodka to hear me and some other talented artists/songwriters play in the round! Starts at 6, I play from 8:00–8:45!! (P.s I’m glad I had to use the bathroom at the @blackwoodrow house show, because I got to see this amazing shower curtain).
  • You keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild 🖤

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