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Ali Henderson

Ali is a singer/songwriter from Gaffney South Carolina and has already shared the stage with several industry stars such as YouTube phenomenon, Noah Guthrie. Ali was on season 13 of American Idol, where she advanced to Hollywood. Ali is the 2014 Vocal/Artist winner of "Nashville Connections Hero's Salute."


  • Mom. Not a day goes by where I don’t think to myself “I am so lucky to know her”. You are my mom, you are my sister, you are my best friend, you are everything good in the world. When I am happy, you are my first phone call, when I screw up, you are there to talk me through it. You should lay your head down each night and smile, with the comfort that you raised me with as much love and understanding that it is possible to give to someone. I am a strong woman today because of the strong woman who raised me. You instilled a love in me that I wish to share with my own children some day. I wish everyone on this planet could meet you and feel your light. I love you more than either of us could ever comprehend or imagine. I miss you. @steph_h13 thank you for being you.
  • Last night I played a lil acoustic show with my dear friend @matthewburhans. Last night I fell in love with music all over again. I was so afraid to sing these new songs that I’ve been keeping inside me, but last night, I felt like I was just having a conversation with an old friend through lyrics. I am so grateful to do what I do... seriously I am grateful for every co-writer, every conversation that inspired a song, the people who stream my music and keep this whole ship afloat. I am eternally grateful for @bigyacht19 and @mindflightrecords, who take my insane voice memos and turn them into a masterpiece. I am so fortunate to chase this crazy dream of mine, and if you have had any part in my journey; I thank you. Also shoutout to @nocoastband for having me out last night!
  • In the round with @colebolive @mary_reinman and Eric Fisher tonight!! @404barandgrill at 8:00! I’ll be singing all new songs... some happy, some funny, some full of EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE. 💘👛
  • Hey Nashville friends!!! I’m playing a couple shows this week and I would loooooove to see your beautiful faces there! Wednesday I’m playing @404barandgrill in the round with @colebolive @mary_reinman and Eric Fisher! Accompanied by the wonderful @matthdavidson. Then on Thursday I’ll be @endnashville opening for @nocoastband accompanied by my dear friend @matthewburhans. If we’re friends, let’s catch up at the shows over some music and we can like...get Burger King or something after. If we’re not friends... let’s change that by jamming to some music together and then... getting Burger King afterwards? Playing all new music from my upcoming EP! Come be the first to hear some of the songs I’ve been keeping in my brain!!! #pinkhair #nashville #nashvillelivemusic #musiccity #singersongwriter
  • Being an adult thus far, has consisted solely on me seeing how many miles I can make it with my gas light on. #Jesustakethewheel #livingonaprayer #andothercarpuns
  • Football season? Don’t be silly darling, it’s Halloween season.

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