“We don’t have to leave, we’ll be homebodies. Just forget the world baby and lie with me”.

Lyrics from my brand new song “Homebodies”.

I have always considered myself introverted. A stay in on a saturday night kind of gal. This song is about staying in all day and all night with the person you love… and feeling like you’ve traveled the world just by being by their side. The inspiration for this song came from many places… it all started when I seen someone post a picture of themselves with the caption “Homebody”. I thought- what an interesting word… that would be a cool song. Later that night I was pinterest-ing, (like the homebody I am), and I came across a picture of an elderly couple jumping on the bed, and the caption said, “Even staying at home is an adventure when you are with the person you love”. I thought that was so beautiful… so naturally, my heart spewed onto paper, and we are left with “Homebodies”.

I will let everyone know when/where the song will be available soon 🙂 IMG_5701

Thanks for listening to my music, thanks for telling me your stories.

P.S. (This is not my photo, I would give credit but the source is unknown)!

XoXo, Ali



I wrote this song from a very vulnerable and real place. My friends and I put so much time and effort into making this, so we hope you enjoy!! A special thanks to everyone involved!
Gabe Georges (recording/mixing), Allison Alonzo- (Video Director/Editor), Noah Henderson- (Guitar), Hunter Woodward -(Arranging), Riley Wymer (Bass), Liv Nazare, Gabrielle Owen , Sarah Mitchell, Mia Shelton (Back up Vocals), and Brett Barr! So thankful for an amazing team of people who believe in music and dreams.

Thanks for watching everyone, enjoy. XX


I remember what you said last night
I bet you thought I’d forget
Even a bloodstream full of your wine
Couldn’t take back what you said

You didn’t think I would remember
So you told me all your prayers
Said you wish you could run away
From the ghosts living in your head

And I think I’m in love with your demons
Just lay here I’ll handle all your dealings
We can run but no matter where we are
Just know I’ll take you broken and scarred


Verse Two:
I’ve seen many distant places
you’re a dessert heart.
But I’ll take your broken pieces
and place them among the stars

And when the night gets dark inside your mind and you can’t see
You know the song I always hum so go ahead and sing

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