You guys.....

I just released my first single “Push Up Bra” a little less than a month ago… NOW I am releasing my second single, “IDIOT”. I am so excited for you to hear these songs, but even more excited to sing them with you LIVE!!!!!! Keep a watch on my event calendar to see if I am playing any shows near you!

Life Update

Hello friends! It’s been a while since I made a blog post on here! I just wanted to update you guys with some things that have been happening! I am back home (South Carolina) for the summer, and I am working hard and playing a ton of shows… (see my “Events” page so we can hang at one!)

I will soon be leaving for LONDON!!!!!  I am so stinking excited I can barely stand it! I am going to be there for a month writing with a publishing company! If you follow any of my socials, you will surely see tons of pictures.

After that, I will be returning to South Carolina for a few weeks and playing a couple more shows… and turning 21!!!!!!!

Then, it’s back to good ole Nashville so I can finish up my senior year at Belmont.

If you’ve gotten this far, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for clicking on this post, for coming to my live shows, for supporting my music and for believing in my dreams. YOU are the reason I do what I do.

COUNTDOWN- To the day of love

COUNTDOWN- To the day of love


It’s almost Valentine’s Day party people! I recently bought the most obnoxious red silk shirt from Goodwill and the only acceptable day to wear it is… Valentine’s Day. I think it is a little weird that we have a holiday with a mascot that is a flying baby that shoots innocent people with an arrow. No? Okay.

Anyways, I wrote this song a few days ago and hopped into the studio real quick so I could get it out for you guys in time for Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait for you guys to hear this one… because regardless if you have a significant other or not… treat yo’self to a new pair of red shoes and FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF!!!!!!!

Falling In Love (With Me) out on all music platforms SOON!


Hey guys! I know it’s been a hot minute since I posted, so I just wanted to give an update on life, music, and most importantly… hair.

I recently cut my hair off… like ALOT. I am talking 7-8 inches! With the changing of seasons comes the changing of hair, and I must say… it ROCKS.

Okay, enough about hair.

I am writing every single day and hopefully getting into the studio soon. I have been writing about real life. Things that have happened to me, happened to my friends, my peers. For the past few months I have been wearing my “songwriter glasses” (as my songwriting professor calls it). I have been seeing the world through a different lens… and it is quite beautiful.

Oh yeah, I changed my major to Songwriting!!! If college, living in a city without family, and being broke, isn’t scary enough… I switched my major!

In this short period of life, I have learned that taking the biggest and scariest risks are the ones that turn out being the most beautiful. I am loving my new major, the new people I have met because of it, Nashville food, and everything the world has to offer me.

Oh and… I just got a new job!

By the way, I am posting some upcoming shows… you should check them out and see if I am playing anywhere near you!

Thanks for reading guys…. love you always.

Xx Ali