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        LD-500C BOPP tape coating machine

        Update: 2018/1/16??????View:
        • Brand: ???LIDA
        • Type: ???LD-500C
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        LD-500C BOPP tape coating machine

        LD-500C BOPP tape coating machine includes coating part, printing part, drying part and slitting part.

        Single Sided acrylic adhesive BOPP tape coating machine can produce different sizes of clear tapes, printed tapes and color tapes with good quality.

        Technical parameters of BOPP tape coating machine:  

        Coating width

        500mm, 1000mm

        Temperature control

        Max 120℃

        Coating method

        Comma blade,transfer coating

        Rewinding edge flatness


        Max unwinding diameter


        Printing working width

        500mm, 1000mm

        Max rewinding diameter


        Power loading


        Mini rewinding width

        1 inch


        12# square steel tube

        Drying method

        Inbuilt water tank heated by electricity

        Coating speed


        Raw material:

        Production process of the BOPP tape coating machine

        Before we start the production, we need to cut the long paper core to suitable width with the paper core cutter, then we use the paper core loader to make the small paper tubes attached on the slitting shaft.

        1. set the OPP film on the raw material shaft.
        2. print on the film(or you don’t print).
        3. glue the film.
        4. dry the glue through the oven.
        Finally, slit the film into small tapes or make the film into a jumbo roll.

        Coating & Gravure printing:  


        Correction device & Four shafts slitting:


        To get a complete system, maybe you will also need other three machine: core loader, core cutter and rewinder.

        Processing video:

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