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        BOPP adhesive tape jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine

        Update: 2018/1/17??????View:
        • Brand: ???LIDA
        • Type: ???LD-1300A
        • Order Online

        BOPP adhesive tape Jumbo Roll slitting rewinding machine

        It can cut BOPP tape roll to different length & size from 10mm to 1000mm and the final tape can be used for carton sealing.

        Details of the BOPP adhesive tape jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine:

        Automatic Grade: Semi Automatic

        Voltage: 380V, 460V

        Power: 3KW

        Speed: 180m/minute

        Working width: 1300mm, 1600mm

        Usage: BOPP tape roll, Masking tape roll cutting

        Production time: 20days

        After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

        Features of the adhesive tape slitting rewinding machine:

        1. Automatic consecutive 4-shaft changing:

        when the rewinding operation is finished on one set of shafts, the machine will change automatically onto another set of shafts without any stop. It will have higher efficiency.

        2.Three-step length counter: Giving accurate pre-setting of rewinding length.

        3. Pneumatic brake: Brings the machine to an immediate halt when working at high speed because of inertia ,ensures excellent steady performance .

        4. Automatic tension control

        5. (Optional) Auto labeling and slitting stationery tape functions

        6. (Optional)auto loading device for heavy jumbo roll 

        This BOPP adhesive tape jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine includes four parts: Slitting machine, core loader, core cutter and rewinder.

        Paper tube cutting machine: Cutting long paper core to the right size you want. 

        Paper tube loader: Set the paper core on the rewinding shafts. 

        Tape rewinder: Rewinding the imperfect tapes to good one.

        Technical parameters of this BOPP adhesive tape jumbo roll slitting rewinding machine:

        Specifications of LD-1300A BOPP tape slitting machine 





        Practical coating speed


        Working width




        Max unwinding diameter


        Specifications of LD-L1300 auto core loader

        (Set the paper core on the rewinding shafts)



        Inner diameter of paper core

        3 inches

        With 2 moulds, size custom-made

        Specifications of LD-P1300 auto core cutter

        (Cutting long paper core to the right size you want)



        Slitting width

        By mould control

        Paper core diameter

        76.5 mm(3”)



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