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        BOPP tape cutting machine

        Update: 2018/1/17??????View:
        • Brand: ???LIDA
        • Type: ???LD-1300A
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        Width 1300mm 1600mm four shafts BOPP packing tape cutting machine

        It can cut BOPP packing tape roll to different length & size from 10mm to 1000mm and the final tape can be used for carton sealing.

        Details of the BOPP packing tape slitting machine:

        Automatic Grade: Semi Automatic

        Voltage: 380V, 460V

        Power: 3KW

        Speed: 180m/minute

        Working width: 1300mm, 1600mm

        Usage: BOPP tape & Masking tape roll cutting

        Production time: 20days

        After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

        Features of the BOPP tape slitting machine:

        1. Automatic consecutive 4-shaft changing:

        when the rewinding operation is finished on one set of shafts, the machine will change automatically onto another set of shafts without any stop. It will have higher efficiency.

        2.Three-step length counter: Giving accurate pre-setting of rewinding length.

        3. Pneumatic brake: Brings the machine to an immediate halt when working at high speed because of inertia ,ensures excellent steady performance .

        4. Automatic tension control

        5. (Optional) Auto labeling and slitting stationery tape functions

        6. (Optional)auto loading device for heavy jumbo roll 

        This BOPP tape slitting machine includes four parts: tape slitting machine, core loader, core cutter and rewinder.

        Paper tube cutting machine: Cutting long paper core to the right size you want. 

        Paper tube loader: Set the paper core on the rewinding shafts. 

        Tape rewinder: Rewinding the imperfect tapes to good one.

        Technical parameters of this BOPP tape slitting machine:

        Specifications of LD-1300A BOPP tape slitting machine 





        Practical coating speed


        Working width




        Max unwinding diameter


        Specifications of LD-L1300 auto core loader

        (Set the paper core on the rewinding shafts)



        Inner diameter of paper core

        3 inches

        With 2 moulds, size custom-made

        Specifications of LD-P1300 auto core cutter

        (Cutting long paper core to the right size you want)



        Slitting width

        By mould control

        Paper core diameter

        76.5 mm(3”)

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