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        Super Clear BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine

        Update: 2018/1/13??????View:
        • Brand: ???Lida
        • Type: ???LD-1300D
        • Order Online

        Super Clear BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine

        It can cut tape roll to different length & size from 10mm to 1000mm and the final tape can be used for carton packing.

        A complete Super Clear BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine including 4 machines : 

        1) Automatic paper core cutter 

        2) Slitting & rewinding machine 

        3) Automatic core loader 

        4) Doctor rewinder

        Technical parameters of this super clear BOPP tape slitting rewinding machine:

        Effective working width




        Inner core diameter


        Mini slitting width


        Razor size


        Max unwinding diameter


        Max rewinding diameter




        Features of the Super Clear BOPP Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine:

        1) Easy starting & operation for new beginners ,low investment & easy to manage 

           the raw materials , only need jumbo roll & paper core. 

        2) 3-step length counter , can set any length you want for tapes .

            fast speed, 180m/min . Make one carton tapes in 10mins.

        3) Tape width is controlled by mould. 

            Every width need separate mould. 

            For ex.

            1inch width tape need 1 inch mould for it.

            2inch width tape need 3 inch mould for it.

        4) Two turrets, 4 shafts automatic & consecutive changing . When the tapes finish rewinding on 2 rewinding shafts, it will change automatically & consecutively to another 2 rewinding shafts. So there is less time stop when machine working .

        5) English user operation panel. 

        6) Pressure roller on rewinding shaft for making more transparency .

             magnetic powder clutch for unwinding/ rewinding tension



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