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          Shangqiu Lida Machinery Manufacturing Co., ltd,founded in May 2000,located in Wen Hua west road ,  is a integated company consisting of  machinery recearch and development, manufacturing  and sales, specilizing in manufacturing coating adhesive tape machine. Our products especially our latest energy-saving series , is renowned for its superior property, good quality and low energy consuption, enjoying a good reputation among clients from all over the world.

        We adhere to the "quality first, customer first" business philosophy and management principles, the implementation of standardized management, professional production, product excellence, meticulous service. The spirit of "honesty, the pursuit of excellence" the purpose, in the years of wind and rain baptism, company with many customers to work together, hand in hand, has been widely recognized by all sectors of the community, the company will pay more to the vast number of old and new customers to provide the best quality products and services, let us work together and forge your career brilliant